[Urwid] Development Update

Rebecca Breu rebecca at rbreu.de
Tue Dec 12 08:29:48 EST 2006

Zitat von Ian Ward <ian at excess.org>:

> Also, "test" is already a module in the standard library and on my
> system the standard library module gets imported instead of the one you
> wrote, so I renamed the module "rbtest" and it worked.

Yeah, what I have rewritten of utable.py works fine when imported into python
code. Even the test_urwid.py works with my new module (but I want to rethink
about the unicode stuff before showing my code to anyone...).

> BTW, what do you need the C API for?  Isn't exporting functions to
> python good enough?

Mmh, if I recall it right, some of the functions to be rewritten in C of uitl.py
call some of the functions to be rewritten in C of utable.py.

(My ambitious self says: At the moment dont' care for reasons, I just want the
damn thing to work. ;-)

Well, let's see what the next weekend brings.

So long,

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