[Urwid] New Trac-based site

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Mon Dec 11 00:33:25 EST 2006

Ian Ward wrote:
> Before that happens I should have a chance to set up Trac for providing 
> svn access to the source code, tracking issues and allowing interested 
> users to update the documentation.

I've set up the new Trac-based site for Urwid development at the usual 

You might need to refresh the page or wait for the DNS changes to propagate.

If you would like an account on the site please email me an .htaccess 
file with the account name and hashed password you would like (use the 
htpasswd program that comes with apache to generate it).  Or, if you 
prefer just email the name and password you would like.

Submitting tickets and editing most of the wiki pages can be done 
without an account on the site.


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