[Urwid] Development Update

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Thu Dec 7 21:26:01 EST 2006

Rebecca Breu wrote:
> That reminds me: I tried to rewrite some of the code you suggested in C.
> That seems to work as long as I import the c-module into python. Becoming
> jaunty, I wanted to write a fancy c-api for my c-module, as they suggest
> it in the tutorial on python.org. But if I try to call a function via the c-api
> I get a segmentation fault. :(
> At the moment I don't have much time to look any closer at the bug. I only
> know that calling my function is the reason, the code inside my function
> is never reached. If anyone wants to have a look, here is a very simple example
> that produces the same segmentation fault:

I had to install your module one of my site-packages directories because 
the default sys.path doesn't include the current directory when you're 
not in the python interpreter (and I didn't want to look up how to 
change sys.path from C).

Also, "test" is already a module in the standard library and on my 
system the standard library module gets imported instead of the one you 
wrote, so I renamed the module "rbtest" and it worked.


BTW, what do you need the C API for?  Isn't exporting functions to 
python good enough?

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