[Urwid] Urwid on Win32

Gottfried Ganßauge ganssauge at gmx.de
Wed Aug 23 16:45:15 EDT 2006

Ian Ward schrieb:
> Gottfried Ganßauge wrote:
>> Being interested in the hachoir file dissector (http://www.hachoir.org)
>> I managed to compile a _curses-Module under Windows using pdcurses
>> (http://pdcurses.sourceforge.net/).
>> This started running quite fine but didn't accept any special keys and
>> additionally didn't recognize Enter.
>> Please consider the attached patch against urwid-0.9.6 for rectifying
>> this behaviour.
> Do your changes affect other windows curses implementations, such as
> wcurses?
> http://adamv.com/dev/python/curses/
I'm not sure.
There were only three changes - one of them pure convenience (I don't
like to wait 0.5s for a keypress).

The second change (adding 13 as a character code for 'enter') might
affect other curses implementations - if they don't change 13 to 10

the third change (don't disable keypad mode) might again affect other
curses variants - in pdcurses this lead to the ignorance of every
special key - only characters were left through.

> Ian


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