[Urwid] urwid and twisted reactor

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Thu Aug 17 22:52:53 EDT 2006

Ilpo Nyyssönen wrote:
> Ian Ward <ian at excess.org> writes:
>> What are the correct options to pass to this script?  It keeps
>> complaining to me about missing/unrecognized parameters, and the help
>> text is unhelpful.
> script.py <nick> <server>
> as defined by the Options class. Reading the API docs for the base
> class of that class should help improving the help text.
> Yes, I actually also improved it from the cursesclient.py a bit in
> that part. It had hard coded the server name for example. :) 

Ah yes, it does work to connect to an IRC server.. I couldn't figure out 
how to *say* anything, and window resizing was ignored until I pressed a 
key, but it's a good starting point.  I'll add it to the contributed 
samples on the Urwid page.


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