[Urwid] docgen_tutorial.py that also creates scripts

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Mon Aug 14 00:14:00 EDT 2006

Derek Peschel wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 11, 2006 at 11:03:06PM -0400, Ian Ward wrote:
>> Just a few places where your editor cleaned up trailing whitespace in 
>> the source file.  Those changes make it hard to read the diff.  I just 
>> used diff -b and patch -l to remove them.
> Perhaps I should use diff -b when generrating the patches.

If your editor is changing the whitespace on lines that you haven't 
touched, then it would be a good idea.

> I just looked at the diffs.  It's nice to learn from someone else's
> viewpoint.  In fact, all the people on the list seem to be cooperating
> without serious disagreement, and that makes the project fun to work on.
> Perhaps things are going smoothly because urwid is not a sensationally
> popular library with a worldwide army of developers. :)

Oh, I wouldn't worry about that, soon Urwid will be perfect and never 
need to be changed again ;-)

> Shouldn't line 617 read
> 	assert tail1 == tail2, "frlb and lbcont have differing tails: "+\


>> I use real tabs for indentation (there should be no spaces used between 
>> the beginning of the line and the first non-whitespace character).
> OK, that helps.  What puts tabs alone on a line?  Your editor's auto-
> indentation?

It looks like vim is keeping tabs on my blank lines.. I hadn't noticed 
that before you pointed it out.


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