[Urwid] docgen_tutorial.py that also creates scripts

Derek Peschel dpeschel at eskimo.com
Fri Aug 11 19:53:29 EDT 2006

On Fri, Aug 11, 2006 at 01:45:04AM -0400, Ian Ward wrote:
> I've incorporated most of your changes - whitespace differences have 
> been discarded, and I made a couple small changes.  I disabled the 
> creation of source files that are obviously incomplete, later it would 
> be nice to revisit that part of the tutorial and expand it.

I'm still looking at the diffs, but it's nice to know you agree with most
of my changes.  By "whitespace differences" do you mean spaces/tabs, returns,
or both?  And do you have your own rules for uses of whitespace?

  - blank lines inside functions
  - blank lines between function defs. or between includes
  - trailing whitespace on lines with code
  - trailing whitespace (indentation) on lines without code
  - spaces vs. tabs for indentation, and the number of columns per step
    and before continued lines
  - spaces inside parentheses (we already talked about that, but you didn't
    say what your rules are)

If I knew your code was consistent with _some_ style, and I could adapt my
patches to it, I'd be happy.  Plus I'm interested to know what an automated
code reformatter would have to deal with, though no one has answered my
question about whether there _are_ any good reformatters.  The alternative
is for me to keep using my style, though if we are both reformatting the
same code then at least one of us is doing extra work.  The other alternative
(not a solution, but better than nothing) is for me to use the same editor
and settings as you.

Another thing -- I see you're using CVS, so what do you think of having
some kind of template and makefile that puts the project version number
in certain files and keeps it up to date?  I was specifically thinking that
the tutorial could say "Urwid 0.9.5 Tutorial", both in the title and in the
text, and similarly for the reference.  My only reason for asking is that
I have 0.9.4 development directories I haven't finished dealing with yet,
and once or twice I have needed to look at old and new HTML files at the
same time.

-- Derek

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