[Urwid] docgen_tutorial.py that also creates scripts

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Fri Aug 11 01:45:04 EDT 2006

Derek Peschel wrote:
> I've been hacking away at docgen_tutorial.py.  Here is the latest version.
> It puts the section numbers in the filenames.  I made lots of other small
> changes, in an attempt to make the code maintainable and find my Python
> style "voice".  Getting a file full of small details right is _hard_
> (and I have even changed my own ideas along the way) so I'd welcome your
> reaction and criticism.

I've incorporated most of your changes - whitespace differences have 
been discarded, and I made a couple small changes.  I disabled the 
creation of source files that are obviously incomplete, later it would 
be nice to revisit that part of the tutorial and expand it.

The current changes are attached as a "diff -u" against the 
docgen_tutorial.py in Urwid 0.9.5.

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