[Urwid] Fwd: Problem resetting screen

antonio araujo antoniovazquezaraujo at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 14:14:04 EST 2005

Sorry one more time.
The problem was mine.
>From the method alert() I do:
  keys = screen.get_input()
without calling the run_wrap() method.

Problem solved.

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From: antonio araujo <antoniovazquezaraujo at gmail.com>
Date: 17-nov-2005 19:51
Subject: Problem resetting screen
To: Urwid General Discussion <urwid at lists.excess.org>

Here Antonio working in deckard (http://deckard.sourceforge.net)
I have 2 screens, the principal menu and other.
>From the principal I call the other, and then I return.
Exiting the program, I need to execute the reset command in the
terminal to continue working.
I think maybe urwid dont execute the finally branch of the run_wrapper method.
Any help?

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