[Urwid] Tab focus changing, Radio buttons, Illuminating buttons

antonio araujo antoniovazquezaraujo at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 16:04:48 EST 2005

Here Antonio.
I send you a working version of RecordEditor, my urwid-based database editor.
Now, I need some help to achieve more funcionality, and to resolve
various problems with the interface.
I think urwid is very nice, but very dificult and very "low level" api.
My questions:
- Can I do a floating dialog to alert the user with messages?
- There is any method to include a non editable component in a list of
editable components and achieve the focus for the rest?
- Can I do a select of the field data when the field gain the focus?

Ok for now.
Thank you very mutch for urwid.
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