[Urwid] A problem with shift tab

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Mon Nov 7 17:19:42 EST 2005

antonio araujo wrote:

>Thanks for your interesting work.
>I am learning on it, and discover a little problem:
>the combination "shift + tab" returns 'meta [z' whith the spanish keyboard.
I get the same with my english keyboard in xterm.  Add the following 
line to the list called "_escape_sequences" in curses_display.py:
        ('[Z','shift tab'),

I'll include this change in the next release.  Be aware that many 
terminals do not send this escape sequence for shift+tab (some just send 
'tab') and provide an alternative keystroke for "tabbing backwards".

>I am working on a simple interface to a little database called
>KirbyBase. I need the tab style navigation for table fields.
That's great. Let me know when you've finished your interface.


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