[Urwid] [Fwd: Find focused Edit]

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Tue Jul 19 15:26:20 EDT 2005

cantabile wrote:

 >Hi all,
 >I'm trying end write a urwid based gui for server tools install.
 >I have several Edit's piled (with Pile() of course) in Columns.
 >Now, I'd like to display some help for each Edit in the frame footer.
 >I'm aware that get_focus() exists, but in that case, it gives back a
 >Column instead of the Edit.
 >How could I do to get the highlighted / focused Edit to display its
 >help, or the app. to retrieve the highlighted Edit when it changes ?
 >Thanks for your help.

Columns and Pile objects also have get_focus() methods that you can use 
to drill down to the Edit widget.  To make your code generic with 
respect to the containing Columns and Pile widgets you could use a 
"while hasattr( w, 'get_focus' ): w = w.get_focus()" loop to drill down.


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